Entrevista Trader Esportivo Profissional Rui Morgado (Back/Lay)

Tuesday, 0018
” If you do what everyone else does, you will get to where everyone gets. If you want to reach where the majority does not reach, you need to do something that the majority does not do. ” – Roberto Shinyashiki

Hey buddy,

Studying here even more for the MO challenge, I stumbled upon the interview that Netumito (Nettuno) did with professional sports trader Rui Morgado.

Even though I have already seen this interview, I went to watch it again — of course.

I ended up learning even more, especially at this moment when I am focused on fishing for goals. And one of the guys I admire the most in this world is Rui Morgado (by the way, I try to EMULATE him).

I’m always reading everything he posts.

Just to mention, I also really like the way Nettuno and Gamarra work.

It’s the method I’m enjoying the most — and I plan to make a living out of it soon.

That being said, in the interview Rui (also known as Back/Lay) talked about a topic he wrote about on Academia das Apostas — a long time ago — where he tells the story of his career beginnings.

He also mentioned in the chat that this same topic helped him a lot in maintaining entry discipline and also in identifying the best moments and markets to enter.

So … BAM… the light went on here. And I asked myself:


I jumped around and found it!

Rui Morgado on the Forum
Academia das Apostas

The link to the topic “HOW I GREW MY BANKROLL” is this one:

==> https://www.academiadasapostas.com/forum?topic=40005.0

Read everything.

Read everything again.

And then read it again.


Regarding the interview, it is here:


Remember that Rui Morgado himself said that he has changed his trading method a bit, and to see how he operates today, you just have to go to this article “Rui Morgado and the advanced sports trading technique.”

And that’s it for now.

Strong hug,
PJ Pires